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XinNaoQing Soft Capsules
  • XinNaoQing Soft Capsules

XinNaoQing Soft Capsules

Generic name:XinNaoQing Soft Capsules

Approval number:SFDA approval numberZ20026514

Specifications:0.415gx100 tablet/bottle

Drug type:Prescription drugs

Main ingredients:

Refined safflower oil, borneol, vitamin E, vitamin B6

Detailed description

XinNaoQing Soft Capsules, effective composition combination is rich, can huoxue disperses stasis, tongjing analgesic, open qiaoxingshen, and used for blood stasis caused by stroke, hemiplegia, askewmouth and eye, chest pain, cerebral infarction, coronary heart disease, angina and hyperlipidemia. Its excellent efficacy in the treatment of middle-aged and elderly people in the field of cerebrovascular diseases has been verified by the PLA general hospital and many other domestic famous hospitals, among which the effective rate of angina is up to 85.2%, and the total effective rate of ischemic cerebrovascular diseases is up to 93.9%. The clinical effect is very significant.

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